What We Do

Our trusts service gives you the right advice about what kind of trust is appropriate for your circumstances. We also draft the trust deeds and help you execute them correctly.

  • Advice

    We'll advise you if a trust is the right solution and if so what type of trust.

  • Drafting

    We'll draft the trust deed for you so that it is fully effective and achieves what you want.

  • Execution

    An incorrectly executed trust deed will not be vaild. We'll help you execute it properly.

Trusts will need to be used in conjunction with a will that has been properly drafted, and alongside other appropriate inheritance tax planning.

Types of Trusts

Clarence Trustees can offer a range of trusts for different purposes. Once we ascertain what you want to achieve we'll be able to advise you of the best trust to use.

  • Standard
    Discretionary Trust

    Many uses including protecting the inheritance of beneficiaries going through divorce or facing bankruptcy

  • Disabled
    Persons Trust

    A discretionary trust established on death for a disabled beneficiary. Has generous tax treatment.

  • Property
    Protection Trust

    Protects against the "sideways disinheritance" of children that can happen when a widow(er) remarries.

  • Spousal
    Bypass Trust

    Saves Inheritance Tax by using a trust to skip a generation when passing assets down

  • Asset
    Protection Trust

    Protects assets from third party claims (eg care home fees) maximising the estate for the beneficiaries *

* Visit our Asset Protection page to find our more about Asset Protection Trusts.

Next Steps

Planning your estate with Clarence Trustees couldn't be easier. In fact we have a simple, 3 step process that makes it hassle free and painless for you:

  • Free Meeting

    Have a FREE initial meeting with us to decide if you would like to work with us. Telephone, Skype, or at our Southend or Hadleigh office.

  • Instruct Us

    In a second meeting, tell us what's in your estate, who you would like to benefit from it, and how you would like them to benefit.

  • Your Trusts

    3 weeks after instructing us we present you with your will, any associated trusts, IHT planning, any LPA, and other documents.

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