What We Do

Clarence Trustees offer an affordable, professional, and fixed price probate service that takes care of finalising your loved one's estate from beginning to end.

  • IHT Settled

    First we calculate the IHT payable (if any) and organise payment of it to HMRC

  • The Grant

    Second we apply to the Probate Office for permission (the Grant) to distribute the estate

  • Distribution

    Finally we collect the assets of the estate, pay off any debts, and distribute the proceeds *

* The proceeds of the estate will be distributed according to the will if there is one or according to the laws of intestacey if there isn't.

What It Means

Handing over the finalisation of your loved one's estate to Clarence Trustees gives you peace of mind and ensures everything is dealt with swiftly and exactly in accordance with the law.

  • Hassle Free

    We make it easy and hassle free for you. We take responsibility for all the administration and paperwork so that you don't have to.

  • Fast & Efficient

    With a team of qualified and experienced people plus purpose built systems, we can push probate cases through quickly and efficiently.

  • Totally Accurate

    Probate can be complicated. DIY probate is often incorrect. Clarence Trustees assures total accuracy in your finalised estate.

  • Peace of Mind

    By appointing Clarence Trustees you'll have the peace of mind that, while you are busy elsewhere, we're on top of your probate case.

  • No Surprise Bills

    Because we quote you a fixed fee in advance, you won't receive any surprise bills. You'll know exactly where you stand from the start.

Next Steps

Appointing Clarence Trustees to handle the Probate of your loved one's estate couldn't be easier. In fact we have a simple, 3 step process that makes it hassle free and painless for you:

  • Free Meeting

    In a FREE initial meeting we find out (in as much detail as possible) what is in the estate so we can provide you with a fixed fee quote.

  • Quotation

    We provide a fixed fee quote for administering the estate. This quote will based on the work involved, not on the value of the estate.

  • Appointment

    If you agree with our quotation and would like us to administer the estate for you, you can appoint us quickly and easily.

Request a Callback

Telephone or email us, or use the quick form below to request a call back

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