What We Do

Whereas a Will describes what happens when we die, a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) helps protect your interests during your life. Many consider it as important as a Will.

  • Preparation

    We prepare the documentation giving the appropriate powers to your attorneys.

  • Execution

    The signing process can be complicated so we support you to ensure correct execution.

  • Registration

    We register with the Office of the Public Guardian the powers given to your attorneys.

An LPA allows people you trust (who you appoint as your attorneys) to act on your behalf and protect your interests should you lose the capacity to do so on your own.

What It Means

We make the process of executing and registering an LPA easy and hassle free for you. And should the LPA ever need to be relied upon, it will make it much easier for your family to help you.

  • Hassle Free
    for You

    Hassle free because we take responsibility for all the admin and paperwork. We make it easy for you to implement an LPA.

  • Complete Peace of

    Your LPA will make it as easy as possible for your family to cope should you ever be unable to make decisions yourself.

  • Confidence in Your

    You can have complete confidence that your family will immediately be able to safeguard your interests if it should ever be necessary.

  • Your Financial

    Your attorneys can make decisions regarding your property and financial affairs when you can no longer make them yourself.

  • Your Personal

    Your attorneys can make decisions regarding your medical treatment and welfare when you can no longer make them yourself.

Next Steps

Planning your estate (including an LPA) with Clarence Trustees couldn't be easier. In fact we have a simple, 3 step process that makes it hassle free and painless for you:

  • Free Meeting

    Have a FREE initial meeting with us to decide if you would like to work with us. Telephone, Skype, or at our Southend or Hadleigh office.

  • Instruct Us

    In a second meeting, tell us what's in your estate, who you would like to benefit from it, and how you would like them to benefit.

  • Your LPA

    3 weeks after instructing us we present you with your will, any associated trusts, IHT planning, any LPA, and other documents.

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