What We Do

We help families ensure their wealth is not unnecessarily consumed by long term care fees. We do this by planning in advance and by retrospective defence and challenge.

  • Planning

    We help plan your estate to ensure it's not overly vulnerable to long term care fees.

  • Advice

    We advise on how and when to challenge an NHS assessment or a Deferred Payment Scheme.

  • Defence

    We challenge NHS assessments & Deferred Payment Schemes on your behalf, handling all aspects.

What It Means

It means your estate never pays a penny more in long term care fees than it is legally required to do - thereby preserving the value for your family and heirs.

  • Minimum Loss

    The loss to your estate as a result of long term care fees will be minimised properly.

  • Maximum Value

    The value retained in your estate for your family and heirs will be the maximum possible.

  • Peace of Mind

    You'll have peace of mind that the "system" has been applied correctly and not unjustly or unfairly.

Next Steps

The earlier you contact us about the mitigation of long term care costs, the more we can help you. We have a simple, 3 step process that makes it hassle free and painless for you:

  • Free Meeting

    Have a FREE initial meeting with us to decide if you would like to work with us. Telephone, Skype, or at our Southend or Hadleigh office.

  • Instruct Us

    In a second meeting, we obtain from you all the information we need to be able to advise you on your particular case.

  • Our Advice

    Whether forward planning or retrospective defence and challenge, we look after your case from start to finish.

Request a Callback

Telephone or email us, or use the quick form below to request a call back

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Useful Resources

  • Background to
    Care Fees

    A background to care fees including the different types of care, who the type of care required is assessed, who pays for care, Deferred Payment Schemes, and more.

    Download Now
  • Should I Get
    An LPA?

    Explains how and when an LPA might be needed and the benefits of having one if it is. Includes the background to the process and an explanation of an attorney.

    Download Now
  • Care Fees:
    The Assessment

    The type of care an individual requires determines to a large extent whether free care is available or not. The process of assessing an individual's care needs is therefore pivotal.

    Download Now

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