WILLS – Mistakes, Errors and Omissions

A DIY Will or a cheap internet Will may seem like a good deal now, but the hidden costs can be £1,000s. So many mistakes, errors and omissions are made in such Wills. And, these often only come to light when an individual has passed away. Consequently, the cost of rectifying such mistakes, errors and […]

Protecting Your Estate

PROTECTING YOUR ESTATE Have you worked hard all your life, to build a better future for your loved ones but now face being hit with the dreaded death tax? Are you looking for ways to protect your estate against it? Well fear not, we can help you! Here is a very brief summary of a […]

Is your Will out of date?

Is your Will out of date? Did you make it 2+ years ago? If the answer was yes, then you should review it to ensure that, firstly, it is in line with your current wishes. Secondly, you want to ensure it is in line with current legislation. If your will is out of date, then […]

Making a Will = Peace of Mind

Making a Will may seem like a daunting thing to do, probably because we don’t like to think about ourselves dying.  But it really isn’t. If anything, you feel a sense of relief when you have signed your Will. It gives you the peace of mind knowing it is in place, should the inevitable happen.  […]

Contentious Probate Update: Cohabiting Couples

We have update on one our cases discussed in our previous blog Contentious Probate: Cohabiting Couples. The claim was heard in the courts last year, but the ruling has just been made public. Firstly, a quick summary of the case. Carole Anne Taylor and James Redmond Carole Anne Taylor and James Redmond met at a dance […]

GIFTING PROPERTY: Risk Losing your Home

So many people think that gifting property to their children is wise. Yet, don’t stop to consider the implications of such gifts. Gifting is a great way to reduce your estate for Inheritance Tax purposes. However, there could be Inheritance Tax consequences which alone could be grave. But, you also have to face the reality […]

WILLS & PROBATE: Banks Cash In on Wills

Do you or your loved ones have a Will prepared by a bank? You may want to think about updating your Will after reading this blog, as you may be facing thousands of pounds in legal fees. In the late 1990’s and early 2000’s banks were offering Wills for very little, and in some cases, […]

Maximize Lifetime Gift Allowances to Reduce IHT

As discussed in one of our earlier blogs, you can reduce the overall value of your estate by making the most of your Lifetime Gift Allowances. Thus, reducing your estate value and in return, reducing your Inheritance Tax (IHT) liability. Lifetime Gift Allowances  Here is an overview of your gift allowances that you can maximize to […]

5 Great Ways to Minimize your Inheritance Tax (IHT)

At long last! A review of the Inheritance Tax (IHT)! You may have seen in the news recently that the Chancellor, Philip Hammond has written to the Office of Tax Simplification asking them to review the current IHT regime with a view to simplifying the complex and dated rules. The current Inheritance Tax rules have […]

Probate: Locating a Missing Will

After the initial shock of losing a loved one, the Will of the deceased is quite often one of the first things you will think about. Because, if there is a Will, it will describe how the deceased would like their estate distributed and it may even contain details of their funeral wishes. The likelihood […]