Contentious Probate Update: Cohabiting Couples

We have update on one our cases discussed in our previous blog Contentious Probate: Cohabiting Couples. The claim was heard in the courts last year, but the ruling has just been made public. Firstly, a quick summary of the case. Carole Anne Taylor and James Redmond Carole Anne Taylor and James Redmond met at a dance […]

WILLS & PROBATE: Banks Cash In on Wills

Do you or your loved ones have a Will prepared by a bank? You may want to think about updating your Will after reading this blog, as you may be facing thousands of pounds in legal fees. In the late 1990’s and early 2000’s banks were offering Wills for very little, and in some cases, […]

Probate: Locating a Missing Will

After the initial shock of losing a loved one, the Will of the deceased is quite often one of the first things you will think about. Because, if there is a Will, it will describe how the deceased would like their estate distributed and it may even contain details of their funeral wishes. The likelihood […]

Contentious Probate: Cohabiting Couples

Are you a cohabiting couple? If so, have you made provisions for your partner in your Will? No? Your partner could make a claim against your estate if you haven’t made provisions for him/her. In one of our earlier blogs, we did mention that the law does not recognise unmarried partners and, therefore they don’t […]

Probate: Inheritance Tax on Gifts

Most estate planners will tell you that gifting assets can be a good way of reducing your estate value for Inheritance Tax purposes. It can be an effective way to mitigate your Inheritance Tax liability, if done correctly. For a gift to be completely outside of your estate for Inheritance Tax purposes you must survive […]

Probate: Asset Rich but Cash Poor

We live in an age where many of us are asset rich but cash poor. With rising costs it’s difficult to save, so we don’t have huge cash balances in our bank accounts, hence cash poor. We are, however, asset rich. Many of us own a house and house prices have been on the increase […]

Inheritance Tax Threshold & Residence Nil Rate Band

Nil Rate Band (NRB) The current Nil Rate Band (NRB) is £325,000 per person. This is the tax free allowance every individual has and can bequeath without any Inheritance Tax becoming payable. If your estate is in excess of £325,000 then Inheritance Tax will be payable at the current rate of 40%. There are, however, […]

When is Probate required

Probate is required when: the deceased owned land or property in his or her sole name or as Tenants in Common, and; where the total value of all accounts with a specific organisation exceeds their threshold. Probate thresholds for the 8 main high street banks Please note that these are the current limits. The bank/building […]

How to Apply for Probate in 6 basic steps

Here we provide a brief guide on how to apply for Probate in 6 simple steps. STEP 1 Establish if there is a Will. This will appoint Executors who will have the authority to deal with the estate. Otherwise, the person or persons due to inherit under the Rules of Intestacy will have the authority. […]