Probate: Locating a Missing Will

After the initial shock of losing a loved one, the Will of the deceased is quite often one of the first things you will think about. Because, if there is a Will, it will describe how the deceased would like their estate distributed and it may even contain details of their funeral wishes. The likelihood […]

Contentious Probate: Cohabiting Couples

Are you a cohabiting couple? If so, have you made provisions for your partner in your Will? No? Your partner could make a claim against your estate if you haven’t made provisions for him/her. In one of our earlier blogs, we did mention that the law does not recognise unmarried partners and, therefore they don’t […]

Probate: Inheritance Tax on Gifts

Most estate planners will tell you that gifting assets can be a good way of reducing your estate value for Inheritance Tax purposes. It can be an effective way to mitigate your Inheritance Tax liability, if done correctly. For a gift to be completely outside of your estate for Inheritance Tax purposes you must survive […]

Probate: Asset Rich but Cash Poor

We live in an age where many of us are asset rich but cash poor. With rising costs it’s difficult to save, so we don’t have huge cash balances in our bank accounts, hence cash poor. We are, however, asset rich. Many of us own a house and house prices have been on the increase […]